Contribute to the overhaul of
the Colas Responsible Development policy

The Responsible Development policy is split into five themes.

For each of them, you are invited to give your opinion, to comment on the issues defined by Colas and
to suggest actions to be taken (or arguments)

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Indicative Schedule

Online contribution
May 23rd to December 19th, 2019
First summary on contributions - the platform remains open for further contributions
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Online posting of a first summary of contributions
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Online posting of contributions' summary and synthesis of contributions
January 2020

Our commitments

Be transparent by publishing every contribution (whether anonymous or signed) received during the consultation.

Answer to prevalent ideas and comments, in order to explain Colas choices

Publish a summary of answers and ideas collected, in order to assure everybody that their contributions have been read and taken into account

Present and explain final decisions and highlight the difference made by contributions to the new Responsible Development policy, so as to highlight the input from the contributors

Organize interviews with the most active contributors

How to participate ?

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