To connect yourself

  • Click on the button Registration to open the registration form.

Registration ; Login

  • Give your name or an alias, an email address and a password. 
  • Accept the Charter and prove that you aren’t a robot with the CAPTCHA.

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An email will be sent to you: you just need to click on the activation link in the email so as to complete your registration, access the platform and contribute.

To contribute

Five themes are present on the platform; each includes key issues that break down themselves into proposed specific items :

  • governance and territories : 8 key issues
  • human capital : 4 key issues
  • environment : 4 key issues
  • Business ethics : 3 key issues
  • products and solutions : 3 key issues

Depending on your choice, you can contribute to one or more themes. For that, you just need to :

  • click on a theme, then you will access to the list of issues that are specific to it
  • then, click an issue to view proposed specific items
  • finally, click on each proposed specific item and :
    • indicate whether you agree, have a mixed opinion or disagree with the proposed item
    • comment on the statements by writing your opinions "for" or "against" this item
  • You have the possibility of proposing an additional item if you consider that a complement is necessary

We are committed to consider every opinion and proposal expressed, according to principles of transparency, pluralism, neutrality, equality and freedom of speech of everyone (please refer to commitment paragraphs and the charter).